About the [gesamtkunstwerk] Collection


Welcome to the [gesamtkunstwerk] collection. Since its inception in 2007, our collection has been a passionate endeavor to explore the vast potential of visual arts as part of the larger concept of a gesamtkunstwerk. This German term, meaning "total work of art," represents an ideal where various art forms are synthesized into a cohesive whole. However, we humbly acknowledge that such a synthesis may never fully be realized. Thus, our collection seeks to explore and expand just one aspect of this intriguing concept - the visual arts.


The [gesamtkunstwerk] collection has been dynamically evolving, driven by a passion to both preserve and provoke artistic discourse. It comprises a diverse array of artworks that reflect the dynamic nature of visual expression. Each piece is selected with the belief that art is not a static entity but a dialogue-ongoing, ever-changing, and always inspiring.


As a living collection, we continuously seek new voices and visions. We are committed to supporting the vibrancy and diversity of the arts by making our works available for loans to museums and other institutions. Through this, we aim to contribute, even if modestly, to the broader tapestry of global art narratives.


For loan enquiries, please contact info@gesamtkunstwerk.com.